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The current web copy available on the GRC website is not structured to maximize people's understanding and adoption of the SQRL protocol. The goal of this set of pages is to develop outlines and preliminary copy for pages that will better reach various audiences.

To summarize, I've identified four primary audiences:

Audience Needs Documents
  • Key messages
  • Main selling points
  • No jargon or math!
  • Case studies
  • More-concrete explanations
  • Minimal jargon
  • No math!
  • Clear next steps on how to start using SQRL
  • Clear place to go for support
Developers & Reviewers (DevRevs)
  • Concise, complete, unambiguous specs
  • No "marketing" language!


  1. Review GRC web copy and copy/paste into wiki by audience.
  2. For each audience:
    1. Eliminate duplicated content
    2. Determine the types of documents the audience needs
    3. Develop outlines for each document
    4. Move existing content into outlines
    5. Identify missing content
    6. Draft/solicit missing content
  3. Begin task of reorganizing actual websites to meet audience needs
  4. Begin process of formatting specification for submission to IETF